Lightning Protection

A tree that has taken hundreds of years to grow can be turned into splinters in an instant by a bolt of lightning. To avoid the devastating loss of your natural wonder, we design lightning protection systems for large trees. Trees that have a high potential for a lightning strike are usually (but not always!) the tallest objects around or found standing alone on open hillsides.

How does it work?

A tree lightning protection system offers a convenient, low resistance path for electrical charges. When a tree is equipped with a protection system, the positive ground charges travel up through the system to meet negative cloud charges traveling down toward earth. Both charges are instantly canceled out, sparing the tree.

We design our systems with high quality copper cable and hardware made to last the lifetime of your tree! The design of a particular system is determined by the tree’s unique characteristics, starting with a main or primary conductor cable that is run from the top of the tree down into the ground. Smaller cable is used to extend the system out to the side of the tree to create and envelope of protection.

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