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Tree Fertilization for Knoxville, TN

Tree Fertilization

Our certified arborists can recommend the best treatment for your trees’ specific needs. With safety top of mind, we perform tree fertilization efficiently. There are many ways to fertilize, such as soil drench and injection, and that’s why it’s important to work with a certified arborist to determine the best method to meet each of your trees’ needs. Cortese Tree Specialists focus on improving the biological health of your soil and protect against disease and insect issues by providing quality care.

Fertilization Customized to Your Property’s Needs

Your custom tree fertilization plan, using Davey Tree’s patented Arbor Green PRO®, is designed to provide the proper amount of nutrients and minor elements for your trees, which is done in two ways:

  1. Liquid Soil Fertilization- Liquid fertilization uses a high-pressure soil injection for placing fertilizer and micronutrients where needed in the root system immediately. Because forest soils contain important components that are often missing or limited in urban soils, we provide additives to our liquid fertilization.

  2. Micro-injection Fertilization- This technique is for providing a quick injection of micronutrients when needed in a severely stressed tree. Small holes are drilled directly into the sapwood of the tree and a pressurized capsule filled with fertilizer is installed.

Arbor Green PRO® is Unlike Any Other Tree Fertilizer

Arbor Green PRO provides your trees with just the right ratio of high-quality nutrients to promote health. The fertilizer’s blend nutrients mimics natural nutrients in the forest environment to improve soil structure and may enhance the tree’s resistance to severe weather, pests, and disease.

Arbor Green PRO releases high-quality nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids throughout the growing season.  This controlled release rate leads to uniform growth, a lower risk of leaching and greater efficiency of nutrient absorption.

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