Enhance Your Greenspace To Maximize Curb Appeal 

Our certified arborists are professionally trained to offer the best tree planting service from the tree selection process, installation, and long-term health.

Trees are an investment, which is why we work closely with you to understand your property goals and requirements.

Cortese arborists are passionate about trees and local to the Knoxville area, so we know the landscape challenges you face with the local climate and soil conditions.

With our knowledge and resources, we can ensure the new trees will thrive on your property to add value and visual appeal for visitors.

Seasonal Tree Planting

Seasonal Tree Planting

It’s always a good time to plant a tree because of the environmental impact it has, but there are better times of the year depending on your region.

Our certified arborists have the expertise on what type of tree to plant, how and where to plant it.

We take all factors into consideration to make sure your tree flourishes in the climate and conditions of your commercial property.

Spring and fall are popular times of the year for tree planting because the weather conditions are a little more favorable.


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