Pre-Construction Consulting For Knoxville, TN

When planning construction projects, the existing landscape of trees and shrubs requires special attention to prevent damage. By conducting a pre-construction site assessment before you begin your project, you can alleviate future landscape problems or safety risks. We offer expertise in tree management planning, risk assessment, disease diagnosis, and tree appraisal.

We can also address your post-construction needs. Common effects of construction damage, such as severed roots or soil compaction, can be addressed with remedial care. Our arborists will inspect construction damage to determine what remediation techniques would be most effective for your property.

Construction Assessments near Knoxville, Tennessee

Pre & Post Construction Assessments

Tree Risk Assessment

We will start by working on a tree risk assessment to see if there are any defects in the tree.  The information provided can help you make informed decisions that focus on your property’s safety and enhancing the health and longevity of your trees. We understand the principles of advanced diagnostic techniques and will be able to properly assess your landscape.

Expert Witness

Additionally, we provide expert witness testimony for any legal disputes related to tree and landscape issues. We can be there before the initial filing and stay with you throughout the trial process. Our team understands the impact of roots across boundaries, obstruction of view, etc. Therefore, we truly understand how property owners should have managed their trees.

Resistance Test

We will look to see if trees are classified as resistant to construction damage. We’ll do this be reviewing a series of characteristics - health, age, species, etc. It’s important that these trees can tolerate some root damage, and we’ll be able to make that determination. 

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