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Cabling and Bracing  Services for Knoxville, TN

Cabling and Bracing

Two of the most common forms of structural support for trees include cabling and bracing. Tree cabling and bracing is used for risk mitigation. While trees can be in good health, they can have poor structure.

Use tree cabling and bracing for any of the following structural conditions:

  • Large and heavy branches
  • Included bark
  • Uneven or lop-sided canopy
  • Too much movement in branches due to weak attachment

Cabling and bracing include installing flexible cables or rigid rods to decrease possible damage from severe weather and climate conditions.

  • Installed high in the tree, these cables have a greater amount of leverage and can be used alone. By restricting movement and separation of branches, the branch is less likely to fail.
  • Bracing involves steel rods, which are installed through the trunk or branches that are structurally compromised. Rods allow for weak unions to move in unison with each other, preventing them from moving away from each other and separating in a storm.

We will walk you through the process by evaluating the overall structure and health of your tree first. Our team is trained to assess risk and provide solutions for mitigation. In doing so we can promote healthy tree structure and help protect your home and loved ones from the risk stressed or weaker trees pose.

Contact us today to schedule a tree health inspection or risk assessment.

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