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Plant Health Care for Knoxville, TN

Plant Health Care

Cortese Tree Specialists can help when you see discolored leaves, dead branches or early leaf drop. From simple to complex disorders, our team is equipped to customize a plant health care (PHC) program for you. We’ll improve your landscape’s aesthetics and vitality through research and implementation of the industry’s most advanced techniques. By working with our certified arborists, we’ll work with you to create the perfect plan, given your budget and specific needs.

Our certified arborists are trained to diagnose and prescribe treatment based on research and experience. This could include any of the following:

  • Liquid subsurface fertilizer injections to ensure proper plant nutrition and optimum soil health.
  • Insect and disease management to protect your landscape assets from nutrient and moisture loss.
  • Vertical mulching with composting to increase air and water penetration deep into the soil for favorable root growth.
  • Soil invigoration to revitalize trees by restoring soil back to its natural state after construction or severe compaction.

We have the experience, training, and credentials to detect potential tree problems before they become life-threatening or hazardous. Because a tree can take a lifetime or more to replace, we will help you create a solution that will preserve your landscape’s most valuable assets. We take the time to learn what your objectives are for your landscape to customize a plan that will meet your unique desires. No matter the goal, Cortese Tree Specialists will take the time to develop a comprehensive solution, giving you peace of mind.

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