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Vertical Mulching and Radial Trenching for Knoxville, TN

Vertical Mulching and Radial Trenching

Vertical mulching with composting is a technique used for alleviating soil compaction around those important areas of your trees. It involves drilling or air-blasting holes or trenches in the soil within the drip line, the area beneath the tree’s canopy, followed by filling them with a porous substance, such as mulch or compost. Sometimes, depending on your specific needs, the backfill can be enhanced with nutrients or microbes to provide additional benefits. The purpose of vertical mulching is to increase air and water penetration into the soil while improving soil conditions for the tree.

A tree is a living and breathing organism and it needs a level of support from a trained professional. Trees rely on the soil in which they were planted to provide most of the nutrients required over the course of their entire life. That’s why vertical mulching is so important. This procedure creates channels for moisture to penetrate the soil, providing trees with a second chance. These procedures are particularly important when treating declining and construction-impacted trees.

Learn more about how to address tree stress due to compaction issues by watching our video:

This is a professional procedure that should only be performed by certified arborists. Arborists often use a pneumatic air tool to create the holes and avoid damaging roots. Cortese Tree Specialists can improve the overall health of your tree by offering specialty services, such as this.

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