We Offer Free Wood Chips Delivered To Your Property

Thank you for inquiring about our wood chips.  We recycle tree limbs and small trunks by running them through a wood chipper. The resulting mulch is not double processed like "A" grade shredded mulch that you can purchase at nurseries and garden centers.  Some uses for the recycled tree wood chips are nature trails, large, soil exposed areas or as a base for landscape beds.

Some things to consider before you order chips:

  • They are coarsely ground, may consist of more than one species of tree, and may have pine needles and leaves mixed in.
  • A load contains 12 cubic yards, which is approximately 25’ x 35’ x 3” deep. We cannot dump half loads.
  • We cannot promise a delivery date because chips are only available as we complete work in your area.
  • Be aware that we cannot dump chips in streets, drainage areas, public access areas, under low powerlines or low limbs.
  • Cortese cannot remove chips once delivered, and cannot accept responsibility for damage to lawns, patios, driveways, sidewalks, sprinkler systems, or other objects below-ground.

You will also need to complete a liability release form before your drop-off date and return to our office.


Request Wood Chip Drop-off

Please provide all information requested so that your order will not be delayed. We will call before delivery, and will not deliver if we are unable to reach you. 

Please note: One truck load contains 12 cubic yards, which is approximately 25’ x 35’ x 3” deep.

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